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Senior Frontend Developer


  • Learn and grow on a vibrant team
  • Office chef who makes healthy gourmet meals each day
  • Yearly company trip

We are looking for a Senior Frontend Developer!

Why do we need you? Because we are doing fantastic projects. We need somebody who really understands the value of frontend and is creative and both tech-savvy as well.

With millions of daily transactions and a large number of different clients worldwide, Advidi has a wide variety of technical challenges. Our tech team works together with all available business units in Advidi and hence maintains a large portfolio of different products. Some examples are the development and maintenance of custom portals for clients, internally hosted dashboards used by employees, and automation of internal processes.

You will be part of a larger IT Development team with many very smart people with either a science, maths, computer science or just an incredible background. We have a large international community of great hearts from all over the planet. Yes you have to be an out-of-the-box thinker and do-èr because we are not one of a kind. Our business people are creative, client focused and very much relying on your skills to help their clients. So in this case you will be in the driver seat and overseeing and creating all the incredible campaigns using state of the art cloud technology and tools.

Not convinced yet? Wait till you see and feel our atmosphere, castle-like home, and brilliant own chef who makes delicious healthy lunches. Love music too? You will be spoiled!!

What we ask you to do:

You will be joining a team of full-stack developers. We are looking to diversify our team with a frontend developer that can take our frontend development to the next level. You will get a lot of freedom but also responsibility in a dynamic environment where priorities can shift often. We expect you to take ownership of the products, maintenance, and project delivery. 


  • We want you to write high-quality frontend code to exceed expectations;
  • We really would love if you guide the rest of the team in producing well written and extensible frontend;
  • Yep its part of the job to maintain existing angular projects;
  • Wow we want you to participate and give us your honest view to assist with the UX and general design for new frontend projects.


  • Bachelor/Master Degree;
  • At least one year of experience using the Angular framework
  • 3+ years of post-graduation relevant work experience;
  • Extensive knowledge of Javascript and/or Typescript;
  • Solid competence in a frontend framework like Angular or React;
  • Knowledge of REST and communicating with backend services;
  • Knowledge of the Agile and Scrum ways of working;
  • Capable of writing clean, reliable, and well-tested code;
  • You feel comfortable communicating with business stakeholders and gathering requirements.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience creating reusable frontend components;
  • Basic knowledge of a backend language such as Python or Java;
  • Capable of pushing the boundaries of our UX and frontend design.

What we offer now, but you will be amazed how fast you can grow!

Most important? A good feeling about the work you’re doing and the people you’re doing it with. But these perks are pretty nice too:
  • A competitive salary;
  • YourCampus, 30 EUR a month (benefit of your own choice);
  • Proper guidance from senior developers if and when you need it;
  • Blowout trimester parties and monthly team events;
  • Yearly company trip (check out last year’s trip to Sicily in our Gallery);
  • Office chef who makes healthy gourmet meals each day;
  • Gym membership (and the ability to work out during office hours);
  • Table tennis, foosball, darts, football field, basketball court;
  • Company-sponsored Dutch lessons;
  • “All you can learn” Udemy subscription.


Agency applications regarding this vacancy will not be reviewed not because we don’t like you but we are convinced the right people will find us. Please note: We only accept applicants with a valid EU visa

Interested? We will explain you our world in a first call and let you grasp the feeling of working with us. The rest of our great journey is up to you. The better your skills and portfolio the hungrier we get to get you on board!



Additional Information

Advidi is an Affiliate Network that unifies the smartest players in the affiliate marketing business. We help affiliates and advertisers around the world to successfully trade media at scale with unparalleled levels of support, control, and transparency. Affiliate marketing is a specific type of performance marketing, and our network effectively acts as the middleman; our support help all parties improve results.
We work hard and we play hard, but we keep a careful eye on balance. A focus on personal development and sharing ideas defines our collaborative culture. Health and wellbeing always take precedence over profits. We’re a team. We share our successes and setbacks with each other. Everyone is encouraged to contribute. We follow up on this with yearly company trips, trimester outings, open company meetings and a sense of togetherness weaved into everything we do. >> Get a closer look on social media: Facebook | LinkedIn | Instagram | Twitter



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